The holiday season is upon us, it’s time to forget the snow and let it pre-sale! Instead of participating in the typical Black Friday/Cyber Monday, we are going to #letitpresale by giving you 19 days of deals by re-releasing our best selling items from past collections.

Starting Friday, November 27th, until Tuesday, December 15th, we will be holding our ‘19-days of Pre-sale’ (think ‘your personal advent calendar for the latest garments’). Each garment will be re-released for 7 days at pre-sale price, with a new garment being promoted each day.

Why pre-sale? We’re dedicated to smarter fashion, so instead of overproducing and cutting price, you get the chance to be one of the first to get your hands on independent designs from across the world. If you missed your favorite garment the first time round, gift yourself or your loved one with a pre-sale present and unique shopping experience.

Follow along with the hashtag #LetitPresale or check back everyday to see what item is waiting for you here.

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