Fashion week is approaching faster than Anna Wintour can put on her sunglasses. It’s the biggest time of the year for fashion and designers should be prepared to take full advantage of their time in the spotlight by using their Nineteenth Amendment Showrooms where they can sell directly to consumers, pre-production. Below are three ways designers can make sales on and off the runway:

1. Runway Show

If you are lucky enough to have your own show, use it to its full potential. Have tablets and laptops stage side, with your Showroom open so the audience can purchase looks that they see on the runway, and view your inspiration before and after the show. Make sure there is a clear call-to-action (CTA) to ‘purchase this from the runway’ and ‘follow’ your brand. Have your branded showroom URL on all promotional material. This is the optimal time for attendees to channel their support into a purchase and have them follow you and your designs on Nineteenth Amendment. Get our 3 tips to make your runway shoppable!

2. Trunk Shows

If a more intimate affair is in the works, combine samples with sales by having your Showroom on screen during the trunk show. If there is a TV, screen or project on site, have your Showroom rotate in. You’ll be able to offer customers garments in their sizes by directing them to visit your branded URL on their phone, and production is handled by our local partner manufacturers so gather those orders! Be sure to have attendees favorite and follow you on Nineteenth Amendment to learn about your upcoming lines and past season garments. Get the more out of your trunk show with our 7 tips.

3. Networking

If face-to-face sales are more your style, add your branded Showroom URL to your business cards and the Nineteenth Amendment logo so, when your connections want to shop, they know where to go to get access to your latest designs and inspiration! Don’t forget to ALWAYS wear your own pieces or bring a model with you to wear your designs – every opportunity is an opportunity to get your garments out there. You never know when someone will ask where they can buy that piece… 3 Ways to Use Your Nineteenth Amendment Showroom at Fashion Week

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3 Ways to Use Your Nineteenth Amendment Showroom at Fashion Week


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