We are beyond excited to announce that Nineteenth Amendment and Co-Founder Amanda Curtis were announced as a final nominee in Bostinno’s 50 of Fire awards!

So what exactly does it mean to be on fire?  According to Bostinno:

“Being on fire is about being brave. It’s about pushing on the four walls of an industry, a city, a thought, until they expand to make room for an idea, a talent, a success that’s so much bigger than what was there before, and too incredible to be ignored. It doesn’t matter if you’re 17 or 70, building a brand that everyone knows about or one we’ve never, ever heard of. Are you constantly forging new ground? Are you leaving a mark? Are you making people talk? Most importantly, are you changing Boston for the better? Well then, you’re on fire.”

With over 2,300 applications, Nineteenth Amendment and Amanda have emerged as one of the top movers and shakers in the Design category. According to Bostinno, “The outcomes were decided based on a mix of Streetwise smarts, the expertise of our anonymous judges and the outpour of grassroot support from the community..” Thank you to all of our supporters and judges who saw the ingenuity of Nineteenth Amendment. We promise to keep blazing ahead!

The final awards ceremony for Bostinno’s 50 on Fire takes place on March 26th, you can purchase tickets here.

Also a big congrats to Boston Startup School for also being nominated! We’ll see you on the tech carpet!

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