Spring break is almost upon us! We’re bringing you from the sea-to-the-shore and from day-to-night with some of our favorite swimwear that will take you anywhere.

Cuba has become the go to destination for those lucky enough to get into the country. Inspired by old town Havana and its rich history, we’ve paired the Jovan O’Connor Off-the-Shoulder Bodysuit and Plante Rose Skirt with some sorbet leather platforms, a straw hat, and a layered pendant. It’s the perfect look for those late nights dancing.


Living in LA is always a vacation! We paired our Indigo Sage Kealoha Halter Top with an Ayanna Marie Design Pencil Skirt, sneaker, sunglasses, and a backpack for an athleisure look. Look tight while you get tight!

Miami is a spring break go to for all East and West coasters. We pulled together Jovan O’Connor’s High-Waist Wide-Leg Pant and Rosina Mae’s Serendibite Tank with some hoop earrings and platform clogs for an easy glamourous look.

Which one’s your favorite? Got any other ideas? Follow us on Polyvore and Pinterest to start pulling your own looks!

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