Not even Kanye West could stop designer Anne Bowen from launching her new sportswear brand NVII during New York Fashion Week. Originally scheduled for Wednesday, September 16th, Anne was forced to reschedule her show to Thursday, September 17th, when Yeezy announced his Adidas show at the same time as Anne’s original Wednesday’s time . The last minute change up couldn’t keep us away from a great event in Chelsea, complete with model interviews, rock stars, and celebrity sightings. Watch the full runway show from the front row via Periscope below.


Tao Downtown in Manhattan was the perfect cultural backdrop for Anne Bowen’s collection of post apocalyptic, nomadic streetwear. The underground venue transported us to a dynastic Chinese palace with a modern runway framed by futuristic LED light tubes. Music by Madness provided a cerebral backdrop to the flowy garments of the nomads.





Our favorite? Hoodies redefined. Transitional and functional, the Anne Bowen hoodie shape shifted down the runway as models showed off the many-ways-to-wear each piece as they walked the catwalk.



Capes stole the show and added drama. Our favorite cape was a black embellished version which added to the Mad Max appeal of the collection. We also loved all of the sheer sweatpants to complete the look. Charlize Theron would be proud!


Like what you see?

Get ready for the launch of Anne Bowen’s NVII and join the tribe.



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