At the end of April we started planning one of our first influencer partnerships, but this wasn’t just your regular collaboration. We decided to dabble in the world of vloggers which is where we met Miss YanYi. YanYi was excited about what we were building at Nineteenth Amendment and stopped by to discuss what we had in store. We decided to invite Miss Yanyi as a guest stylist to showcase our designers collections and show how to turn their runway pieces into street ready looks. And of course, with all the choices, YanYi had no qualms styling four of designers garments for a spring/summer video lookbook.

The day of production was spent organizing the set, styling the ensembles, and filming. We couldn’t be more happy with how Yanyi brought a little bit of street style to our designer’s garments!

Interested in what goes into the making of a lookbook vlog? Check out our behind the scenes:

Setting up the backdrop for filming

Taking some still shots for promotions

Filming one of the four looks

YanYi chats with CEO/Co-Founder, Amanda

See below.

Nineteenth Amendment x Miss YanYi

We are also hosting a giveaway! One winner will get a chance to win one of the garments YanYi styled in this video! Enter below.



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