Last month we had the pleasure of shooting an in house editorial for Edson Alves’s latest collection Bambu Noite. During that time, we got to hear directly from Edson himself about the unique story that inspired this collection:,

“Years ago, I had a client with severe back problems that drastically affected her posture. She came in telling me how frustrating it was that, because of her back, she didn’t even attempt to try on a dress she saw in the window or magazine. There was nothing she could do to be comfortable and elegant at the same time.

I designed this woman a simple, zipper-free evening gown that enhanced what made her happy. She had beautiful arms and beautiful legs, so I worked with that. When she put on the dress, I watched her posture change; I watched her face brighten up.  

Since this moment, I have come to understand the importance of making a person truly comfortable in what they wear. This collection is a response to this realization – that a comfortable evening gown is healthy for the body and can give a person a confidence they didn’t know before.”

After learning of Edson’s empathic designs, our Creative Director, Lucy, conceptualized a mood board for the direction for this shoot. We focused on the Model’s spine and the different postures she our model, Yuliya, could achieve in front of the camera. Check out the video and behind the scenes photos below.



See more images from our #BTS photoshoot below.


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