In what was our biggest production ever, we invited 30 Amenders, models, and friends to help us recreate 1984 with a fashion twist and introduce the world to our #forfashion manifesto. Our creative director, Lucy, found  inspiration from the classic novel by George Orwell and the iconic Apple Superbowl commercial of the same year.  It has been a long time in the making, thank you to  everyone who came out to help us make this video a reality. See the final video here.

Photos below!

Our creative director Lucy getting her artist on as she spray paints over two dozen shoes for the shoot.

The combat boots are ready to go!

Nineteenth Amendment costumes for the #ForFashion Manifesto Video provided by Justine Hwang, NMBR 09 and Agnes Hamerlik

Our director, Tiara Marei, in action during Manifesto Video shoot.

Break time!

Our model, Rozi, getting ready for the final shot.

Our models, Taylor and Ryan, take a break while we shoot the final scenes, wearing Justine Hwang and NMBR 09

Our make up artist, Emma Berley, doing touch ups on Rozi during takes.

Our make up artist, Emma Berley, doing touch up on Ryan during shots.

Stylish jumpsuits and stylish ladies.

Squad sipping SixPoint beers!

Behind the scenes with steamers and strobes.

Breaks call for Deep Eddy.

Director, Tiara Marei, and crew.

The photogs (plus wonderful stylist Aimee)


Big thanks to photographer Luke Dedeus for some prime shots


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