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This week, Boston prepares to wave goodbye to a cultural institution as high-end retailer Louis announced it will be closing its doors. After more than 85 years of business, Debbie Greenberg, owner of the fashion forward retail outlet of the city, said in a statement to the Boston Globe:

“Business is on point at our current location with steady year-over-year growth, but after 25 years of extensive travel to Paris, London and New York five months a year in search of the world’s finest clothing, it is simply time to change direction and turn my attention to projects and passions outside the retail arena.” 

What Ms. Greenberg didn’t know (but what you fashion insiders do) is that you no longer have to travel the globe – or even to Boston’s Seaport – to find the latest in independent quality designer fashion – it’s available at your fingertips on NineteenthAmendment.com.

As the next generation design-focused fashion platform born out of Boston, we bring vetted and passionate design talent of all ages and styles and from across the globe to you in 45-day seasons.  Thanks to pre-sales and manufacturing all garments on-demand in the USA, we don’t have the risk of carrying inventory which means we’re able to bring you the best new designers from around the world.

For the shoppers – We bring you cultured inspiration directly from our designers and access to talent and styles you can’t find anywhere else. The aspirational is in reach with pre-sales, allowing you to be a trend setter.

For the stylist – Get your hands on up-and-coming designers from Boston and beyond. Email us to request a pull or show your styling expertise on Nineteenth + Seventh.

For the designer Become a part of the revolution with increased brand presence, distribution, and fulfillment. Grit, passion, and purpose required.

Louis’ clothing represents a changing of the guard – who will step up as the next visionary?

Why not you?

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