Lindy Fox is a New York-based brand with California roots – literally. Designer Lindy Leiser weaves a tale between collections of stand out separates with inspiration drawn from the designer’s upbringing on a produce farm in California. Everyday agricultural necessities – like painting the bottom of seedling trees white – serves as inspiration for her colorful cali designs.  Having made the leap from west to east coast, attending the Fashion Institute of Technology, she became a 2014 and 2015 Fusion Spirit Award Winner for her first two collections (launching soon!). Today we chat with Lindy about the difference between a fashion and clothing designer and taking lessons from farm life.

How and why did you start designing?

I can’t remember when I started designing, only that it was when I was a child. I always designed and made jewelry and loved making things with my hands. Growing up on an organic produce farm in central California, I was engrained with a do-it-yourself mentality and an entrepreneurial spirit.

What is your biggest hurdle building a brand today?

Differentiating myself from the rest in this sea of fashion and getting people to know who I am! Shameless self promotion here it comes! Follow me on instagram @LindyEFox and learn more at

What do you think about fashion today?

There are so many brands out there churning out clothing, but there’s quite a difference between being a clothing designer and a fashion designer. A fashion designer considers every stitch, isn’t in a hurry, and will take the time to get it right. Also, the issue of sustainability and ethical fashion is becoming well-known which is a needed blessing. The more people that are aware of the bad practices some brands engage in, the sooner they can demand change and only purchase from designers who produce ethically. I see it only getting better from here!

What is your fashion philosophy?

Fashion is the first way in which I see people’s individuality expressed. It is the way in which I want to connect to other women: to make them feel valued and confident. It is the way in which I challenge myself the most and just the beginning of a lifelong exploration. I like to dress women who are confident but who don’t take themselves too seriously and have a sense of humor.

Where do you go and what do you do for inspiration?

For my start I’ve been thinking a lot about my upbringing and what comes out of me when I delve into that. I like to dwell on a certain theme for a long time before I feel comfortable to move on to another type of theme of inspiration.

What inspired this line?

The Organic Beginnings Collection is my debut collection, inspired by my upbringing on an organic produce farm in central California. I was always surrounded by warm colors from the trees, to the soil, to the sheep that would graze in the orchards. We grew organic oranges, walnuts and plums, so the color palette of this collection was inspired by my surroundings, as well as my childhood activities of sorting through the plums in the packing house and painting newly planted trees white to prevent them from getting sunburnt!

What is your brand aesthetic?

I always had an opinion on the way I wanted to see women dress, but more of how I wanted women to feel; empowered, valued, honored and confident. I strive to serve my clients with high quality clothing that takes them from day to night, through every role it takes to be a woman these days, and to empower them with confidence.

Any tips and tricks of the trade?

Never underestimate how much work it will be to launch your dream!  Surround yourself with emotionally supportive people and stay hopeful!

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