We take for granted the enormous amount of freedom and creativity we are granted every day. For me, fashion is the loudest form of self expression, and as a once painfully shy girl, fashion was my way primary way of declaring my view to the world. I always viewed fashion as my personal outlet of creativity, until one day, during a class at Parsons, my male professor revealed the deeper meaning behind my behavior. He said, “I envy women, because every morning they wake up and they decide who they want to be.” Suddenly it was clear that what I saw as, “playing dress up” every morning, was a blatant form of self expression, and it isn’t just my means – it is everyone’s.

So, if fashion is everyone’s right to self expression, why do so many people say the same thing? At Nineteenth Amendment, we believe that the answer to this question lies in the artistic medium. Fashion is a public form of artistic expression, so why limit yourself to one palette – the same one everyone else has to work with? There are millions of fashion choices and, when they are styled by you, they become a unique statement of self.

But it isn’t all you or I. Designers give us this medium.

Our Nineteenth Amendment designers were selected because we believe that they give you the diverse palette to express your unique voice. You as the wearer are the interpreter of our designers’ vision, but ultimately you get to decide the message. What will your message be?

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