We had a vision to redesign fashion and we did that last night at the Bene Rialto townhouse in NYC’s Garment District. During our very first digital trunk show, we presented eight designer collections and three showcase pieces from eleven of our designers.

We transformed the first floor of the Bene Rialto store into a gallery of fashion, with designer collections hanging next to mounted inspiration images. Guests met three of our designers in person and they Skyped with our international designers thanks to tablets provided by Dell. This first omni-channel, hyperconnected, store-within-store experience allowed shoppers to preorder fashion, which will be made on demand for them in New York’s Garment District.

Over 150 of New York’s most fashionable and forward thinking experienced the future of fashion. Couldn’t make it? You’re in luck.- you have until Monday December 21st to shop the collections that we re-released at pre-sale pricing:



Chanho Jang

Rosica Mrsik

REIN London

Lana Redman

Helen Castillo

Jovan O’Connor


Ange Lang

Graciela Rivas


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