No holiday can stop pure fashion disruption! We take every chance to showcase the amazing talent and inspiration of our designers. Join Nineteenth Amendment this Halloween – we’re interpreting our favorite costume with looks form our Nineteenth Amendment Designers!

This year, we’re playing off our name-sake and our favorite musical artist (hint hint) for some rock-n-roll inspired awesomeness. See our look below and let us know what you’re being this holiday:

Shop these shiny pieces like the Star Dress by Meghan Hughes in the Starstruck Collection.

Shop the looks - neck ties and all - in Fringe Skirt by REIN London and Eclipse Crop Top by Bohn Jsell Collections.  


Shop star worthy pieces like the Cropped Gypsy Top by Bohn Jsell Collections and Phoebe Blue Flare Pants by VARYFORM.

#WeLoveYourDavidBowie. Shop these unique pieces by Meghan Hughes now on sale:



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