As we get closer to the New Year, I thought I would reminisce about how much Nineteenth Amendment has accomplished over the last few months, how lucky we have been, and how much we are looking forward to 2013.


It has been half a year since the founding team met at Boston Startup School but if feels like yesterday. From an idea that was born mid-commute to the beginnings of a product, the team has been consistently pursuing, altering, and tweaking (hemming even!) our strategy for bringing Nineteenth Amendment to the masses.


We have been so lucky to have met some wonderful mentors and to have had great team members join, whether part-time developers or exceptional interns.  We hope to continue to grow the Nineteenth family with some internship positions this Spring (if you know some awesome people, please get in touch!).


In the New Year, we plan to release our beta platform to a select group of designers and students for some testing and focus groups. (In the Boston-area and interested in taking part? Email us.) We hope all of you will help us build the best fashion portfolio product out there!

2013 is looking pretty stunning already and we’re ready to work it.

– Gemma

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