Thanksgiving in the US is a time for reflecting on the best moments this year and the great people in our lives and – of course – enjoying a feast with family and friends. Aside from all the thanks, we’re planning the most stylish – yet spacious – looks for the food we’ll be consuming. Now, #eatyourheartout with our Thanksgiving looks.

Amanda Curtis in E L I Z A’s Contrast Pleat Dress from the SS15 You Can Trust Me Collection.

Gemma Sole in Lobo Mau’s Herringbone Pom Jacket from the Secret Sweaters Collection.

Nikki Dodani in Lindy Fox’s, Lee Coat from the Luxe Utilitarian Collection and Aimee Kent’s Panelled Print Color Block T-shirt from the SS16 Twisted City Tartan Collection.

Lucy Sole in Kreyol’s Denim Drop Waist Dress from Karabela 2.0 Collection.

Check back Friday to see if any of these looks made our 19 days of Pre-sale or shop the looks now.

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