It’s that time of year again – time to start planning what you’ll be sporting to all those holiday parties, high school reunions, friends-givings, and more! The Nineteenth Amendment team is here to help you out, showing you what we’ll be wearing come December. Whether you’re headed to your significant other’s home for the first time, hitting up parties, or keeping it casual at home, these six pieces will have people wondering if you’ll be gifting them something as stylish!

Lucy Sole in Batch No. 8’s Fit & Flare Tuxedo Dress from Premium Modern Minimalist Collection.

Marcia Roseme in Bambu by Edson Alves latest collection (coming soon).

Nikki Dodani in Batch No. 8’s Retro Wrap Dress from Premium Modern Minimalist Collection Collection.

Stephanie Benjamin-Flores in Lobo Mau’s Duchess Dress from Secret Sweatshirts Collection.

Gemma Sole in Lindy Fox’s Yahzi Jacket from Luxe Utilitarian Collection.

Amanda Curtis in Batch No. 8’s Tweed Crop Top and Tweed Skirt from Premium Modern Minimalist Collection.

Which of our designers do you want to wear this season? Tell us in the comments and maybe you’ll get something special this holiday ;).

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