Since we first featured Zarankova, lead Designer Vesela has been on the move. Not only is Zarankova releasing stunning collections with singular inspirations, but the brand was also recently published in Vogue UK, Harper’s Bazaar UK, and, this May, in Glamour.

Vesela’s  latest collection, Games of the Human Mind, was inspired by the human brain and emotions that are felt and created but unseen. Each print was created as the visual embodiment of an emotion – love, jealousy, anger, fear, true happiness, peace, hate, euphoria, hope, and pride. Each print and style are unique and the collection has been shown at Omaha Fashion Week and in New York City.

This April, Vesela will show her latest collection in the NYC Angelman Syndrome Collections Showcase organized by Fashion Designers’ and Craft Makers’. If you are in New York on April 25th, purchase tickets for glamour and a good cause. Fifteen other designers will be showing along with the premiere of the latest Zarankova collection.

Studio Arte
265 West 37th Street
New York, NY 10018

Can’t make the show? We’ve got the latest right here.



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