We’re excited to announce Nineteenth Amendment promotions are live on Macy’s.com, just in time for fall fashion and fashion week! Nineteenth Amendment will continue to release amazing designer collections once a week where you, the trend-setting shopper, can see, share, and shop them first.

Get ready for some exciting new designers and runway shows as we bring you behind the independent designer fashion scene for New York Fashion Week 2015.

In addition to this big news, we are bringing some more changes: 19-DAY PRE-SALES. Collections launched after today will now be in pre-sale for 19 days (instead of 45 days) before moving to higher retail price points. This means the fashion you love will be at your doorstep faster than ever before. The time it takes for Nineteenth Amendment fashion to reach your closets has shortened from three months to one and a half months!

Got any questions or feedback, let us know or hit us up on our new chat feature. We’re all ears! And get your Fashion Week catwalk ready – we’re hitting the runway! Follow us on Periscope (@19thAmendment) to get the latest behind the scenes.


Macys Launches Shorter Pre-sales and NYFW 2015



Co-Founders, Nineteenth Amendment

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