Product development takes time and, typically, tech packs are complicated beasts. You already know we have made tech packs simpler by standardizing format for our designer and manufacturing partners but now you can up your game before you’re ready to go into manufacturing by using our new Tech Pack Plan.

With the Tech Pack Plan, you get:

  • One user account
  • One In-Progress Line
  • Unlimited File Storage
  • Our digital tech pack builder
  • Up to 5 garments per line, and,
  • Access to exclusive designer opportunities, services, and events!

We have been contacted by amazing brands and designers still in the product development stage and are excited to make all our events, services, and other opportunities available to them pre-launch. This gives designers the ability to start building out tech packs and a collection while still being a part of the Nineteenth Amendment community and included in other designer opportunities and events. It’s only $19.99/month so may be a good fit so you can begin uploading what you do have! The other benefit? Once you begin uploading, our team has better visibility into your designs and can better answer any questions you have (re fabric or anything else).

If you aren’t quite ready to launch a pre-sale, take a spin with the new Tech Pack Plan here. It’ll be the best thing you do for your brand in 2017.



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