Summer has come to an end, and it’s time to transition into the new Nineteenth Amendment. After working with many of you over the last year, we’ve learned a lot – designers have grit, US manufacturers are incredibly skilled, and shoppers love garments made just for them. The biggest thing we’ve learned is how much designers want more power to drive their businesses.

After a whole year of building and testing our technology, we’re confident that we’ve created something so powerful and special that it will and is changing an industry. Manufacturing systems mega brands spend millions of dollars a year on is now in reach for all brands. Now the capability to shop and offer unique product, on-demand is even easier and more scalable than ever. Welcome to the new, full access Nineteenth Amendment platform. It’s the designers’ turn to drive their businesses with pre-sales and US manufacturing at their fingertips.

We’ve gone back to the drawing board and drawn up plans for every fashion brand to be successful and scale in a way that’s right for them. Designers now have more flexibility to customize their solution. Designers can manage domestic production of pre-sale orders themselves directly through the tools we’ve created for them and coordinate and launch pre-sales whenever they want to. See how it works below.

Check out our three new plan options for brands and compare details here or browse our services to see a full list of customizable solutions.

Our vetted US manufacturing partners are on the system and ready to accept requests for production bids and coordinate production, allowing brands the ability to manage manufacturing on their own terms. When designers sign up, they’ll be able to read more about their capabilities and get multiple production bids with the click of a button.

We’re making better, smarter fashion a reality. Want to take part? Try out the new Nineteenth Amendment as a brand on a free 14 day trial today.

P.S. As always – we greatly appreciate your feedback. Let us know what you think!

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