It’s fall shopping season and everyone is on the hunt for the freshest looks. Luckily, you’re a Nineteenth Amendment shopper, so you know you don’t have to go farther than the latest pre-sales on Nineteenth Amendment. This season, we have made some changes to the way pre-sales operate which means more fashion at your fingertips. Check out what’s new with Nineteenth Amendment pre-sales below:

Get your pre-sales before they’re gone!

Garments are only purchasable during pre-sale (unless the designer chooses to relaunch a collection). This allows designers to bulk sales for production, rather than one-offs, and for you get that exclusive piece so make sure to pre-order when you find the item you love!

Missed a pre-sale? Now you can request a re-launch.

We’ve introduced a new feature where you can request to have a garment re-launched.  Once designer’s receive requests, they can decide to relaunch a collection. Be sure to follow then to be the first to shop  the relaunch.

Pre-sales, wherever, whenever, everyday.

Now brands from around the world can launch new fashion at any time, on any day. Now there’s even more of a reason to visit and shop the latest fashion every day.


View our current pre-sales and get them while you can! Are you a designer? Read more about our business changes here.


New Pre-sales + even more designers at Nineteenth Amendment

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