Styles emerge.  People change.  Brands evolve.  Nineteenth Amendment got a makeover.

Nineteenth Amendment is Stepping Out of the Dressing Room

So many brands. So many choices. So many voices.

Over the past six months, we have undergone a transformation. You’ll see our total transformation as we step out of the dressing room this spring with our national launch.

Since our pilot in 2013, we received invaluable feedback on the direction both consumers and designers wanted to see in our company. We have the same core mission of the brand – to give everyone a voice in fashion – and we believe we’ve created a brand identity that can house all designer brands living in the Nineteenth marketplace. We’re back, more fashionable than ever, to revolutionize how fashion is produced and purchased.

We think we’ve stepped up our game.  Sign up now at NineteenthAmendment.comNineteenth Amendment is Stepping Out of the Dressing Room and tell us what you think.

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