Founders site proximity to protein and cost reductions as main motivators.

Creating a better place for fashion is the mission of Nineteenth Amendment, and this mission bled through when finding a better place for their team to work and thrive.  A scrappy team known to throw around the term “Stiletto Strap” in an attempt to be pun-y in a startup world dominated by boots, cofounders Gemma Sole and Amanda Curtis noticed when going over past budgets that 1/19 of spend was allocated to the team’s $1 oyster habit.  With a growing team, all with a penchant for succulent crustaceans* and Sauvignon Blanc, instead of the tech startup world’s regular pizza and beer, Sole and Curtis knew that this expense would only grow.  “Our creative director alone can knock down four dozen oysters in one sitting…Like our business model, we needed a sustainable solution” said Sole. It was time to get creative.  Oysters, a renewable delicacy, are eco-friendly having once upon a time cleaned up New York’s Hudson River.  Curtis and Sole are unsure if this decision will lead to B-corp status for Nineteenth Amendment, though they are thoroughly investigating the opportunity. 

“As part of a gluten-free, raw, paleo, dairy free, and nut free diet we plan to offer our employees an endless supply of nature’s highest protein source.  In an effort to reduce waste we will be reusing all shells and are planning to launch a “Mother of Pearl” fashion collection exclusively found on  Added bonus – Nineteenth Amendment will now offer pearl jewelry, all made in the USA”.  “It was really a decision to benefit the overall happiness of our employees, and to benefit our bottom line.  By relocating to Oyster Bay we are saving money each year which we can reallocate to bringing you great USA made designer fashion.  

What’s next for Nineteenth Amendment after the move?  Growing a vineyard of course.  Curtis says that the company aims to be completely shellfish-cent by 2016.  

So it’s time to get schucking. 

*During the interview process candidates must answer if they enjoy oysters.  The team does not discriminate against the shellfish allergic or those opposed to slimy goodness. This may be in fact the strangest interview question and Nineteenth Amendment is now gaining a reputation.  

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