It is cold out so wear an unflattering, boxy jacket, said no one ever! Winter is here but losing your style under layers of puffy coats does not have to happen, trust us! You can bundle up, stay warm and still look fashionable all year round. Toss those frumpy coats aside and shop trendy, yet cozy jackets that will last you seasons to come.

  1. Sara Di Salvo – Faux Fur Black Coat
    Contrasting materials make this a chic coat for the fashion-forward ladies!
  2. Lindy Fox – Lee Coat
    Warm and stylish enough to wrap yourself in Redwood inspired color swatches
  3. Kheops – Brown Coat
    A soft and hooded jacket that reminds you of chocolates, yes please!
  4. Rosica Mrsik – Quilted Jacket
    Keep your waistline and keep warm with well placed zippers and cuts.
  5. Lobo Mau – Herringbone Pom Jacket
    A trendy topper for our west coast Amenders, or a perfect layer for the east coast
  6. AgainstAllOdds – Origami Pullover
    Wear this alone or layered for a sporty chic look.

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