What do 60’s Brazilian fashion magazines, Castlevania, and Rosemary’s Baby have in common? The answer: designer Artur Vilela and his brand Spaco Liquido. This is the first in a series of guest posts by designers spotlighting their inspiration and what makes their line unique. Interested in posting? Let us know.

Love, respect, and self-expression is core to Spaco Liquido. While my first collection, Mom will let me wear, was a cry for self-expression with prints created to bring luck and rid your soul of heaviness, my latest collection, Handcraft Love, is inspired by the German pattern making system “Der Goldene Schinnit” (or the Golden Ratio) created in 1935 by Silvia Lutterloh who developed a classical system of pattern drafting which allowed women to create their family garments. These pieces are inspired by clothes created by early 20th century housewives.  By mixing the beauty of the past with the colors of the future, this line was created along the same core – a love for personal expression and strong style.

Generally, my prints and the inspiration for the name of my collection originate from this 1961 cover of the Brazilian magazine O Cruzeiro (the Brazilian “Vogue” in the 60’s).

This picture, featuring a mother with her children wearing the Rhodia’s Fabric in the 60’s, is the photograph that inspired my fabric patterns. The fabric pattern imbues a lot of the meaning I see in my clothing. I am creating a different kind of cool – a cool without drugs and perversion (a “Mom-friendly” brand) – and a brand based on positive energy and spirituality. My cool aesthetic derives from combining two themes: that of spirits, ghosts, witchcraft, and references from the 60’s, 80’s, and 90’s like the Rosemary’s Baby, 90’s gothic style (as the movie the Craft), and video games like Castlevania.

Like its inspiration, my brand is a brand for the people – combining popular culture and spirituality in a way never done before. In addition to designing clothing, I also photograph the clients and individuals who find meaning in the clothing’s message (like the music festival goers below).



My mission with this brand is to prove that it is possible to be cool and different without being perverse and to provide beautiful clothing with a positive message of respect and love for the whole world.


Read more about Artur’s inspiration on his blog and follow Spaco Liquido to see Artur’s new line “Handcraft” on Nineteenth Amendment when it launches.



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