Fashion, once the most exclusive of art forms is becoming increasingly democratized through technology. Sitting front row at a runway show, a highly staged and exclusive production, was the ultimate indicator of social status in the fashion world…until now. Technology has brought the art and entertainment of New York, Paris, Milan and London’s fashion week shows to fashion fiends around the world who can now view shows from their mobile screens with Periscope.

This year, Periscope, a social media app for streaming live video from a mobile device, gave viewers everywhere access to the world’s fashion weeks. But access wasn’t limited to just viewership. Periscope has the unique feature of letting viewers comment in real time and let the person behind – or in front of – the camera respond to questions. Brands from Marc Jacobs to Opening Ceremony, used Periscope this past New York Fashion Week to connect with fans around the globe in an interactive and authentic way.

Nineteenth Amendment was no exception. For Nineteenth Amendment designers Anje, Rosina Mae, and Anne Bowen, we took fans backstage before the show interviewed designers, models, makeup artists and stylists, and streamed the big runway events live. Pretension was gone and viewers finally got a glimpse of all of the hard work and artistry that goes into creating a fashion show.

Another added benefit of using Periscope during the  shows was the ability to increase viewership (Periscope videos may be viewed post broadcast as well with applications like Katch). #FashionUnfiltered, the hashtag for live broadcast fashion on Periscope, is just the start of how brands will continue to communicate through this platform. With over 6 million users and growing, brands should be prepared to engage with shoppers on a regular basis.

One of our goals at Nineteenth Amendment – to bring you into the designers’ world – can be made easily accessible with the Periscope platform. With the right concepting and content, there is no need for expensive equipment and production costs. Expect our global base of over 300 designers to bring you into their studios, ask for feedback on their designs while they’re creating them, and in general show you the lifestyle of their brand. In a digital world where hyper-inclusion builds trust, it is only smart that brands disregard pretension and connect with their fans on a hyper personal level in an environment where “anything” can happen.

Inclusion, not exclusion, is the new way to gain brand loyalty and Periscope is democratizing the fashion space one live stream at a time.

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