At Nineteenth Amendment, we believe in empowering fashion entrepreneurs, growing micro-manufacturing in the US, and bringing beautiful creations into the world. We are therefore dedicated to manufacturing high-quality and unique garments, which is why we cooperate with the best manufacturers in the USA.  We at Nineteenth Amendment want you to know who we partner with in order to keep the fashion industry as transparent as possible, from inspiration to final product.

We recently visited one of our manufacturing partners, The Stitch Factory, in downtown Las Vegas – one of the original fashion micro-manufacturing and co-working studio spaces founded in 2012. The factory space, which includes 5,487 square feet of studio space, 6,000 square feet of office space, and 14,000 square feet of factory and warehouse space, serves as a creative center in downtown Las Vegas and houses a diverse range of emerging brands and roughly 30 designers from the greater Las Vegas area.

What differentiates Stitch Factory is that it is not only a clothing manufacturer, but a fashion incubator, education space, and co-working studio for emerging fashion designers that inspires entrepreneurship and creativity.  In addition, Stitch Factory offers educational classes, from basic sewing to technical design classes to DIY/social workshops. There is a design-ready studio space set up for designers to co-work out of and have access to cutting tables, dress forms, and industrial machines. They also offer different memberships to gain access to the studio space depending on the designers needs.

We have a wide spectrum and can do everything from one-of-a-kinds pieces to mass production,” says Rachel Herring at Stitch Factory.

Stitch Factory is the perfect example of a facility that represents the potential for small brands to thrive by creating opportunities for micro-manufacturing in the US.

To learn more about Stitch Factory, visit their website.

Brittany from Stitch Factory showing where the manufacturing takes place. Stitch Factory offers a variety of educational courses.
Co-working space includes access to cutting tables, dress forms, and industrial machines.


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