Becoming the next Michael Kors isn’t for everyone but, if any of the below hits the mark, it sounds like you’re in to make the next big splash in the fashion world.

  1. You received a sewing machine for your 8th birthday. Because you asked for one. And already knew how to use it.
  2. You turned up to Filene’s Basement going-out-of-business sale, knowing that it would be the last time you’d buy a past-season Chanel jacket before your own collection takes over the world.
  3. “That pleat fold is giving me anxiety!” is the only thought on your mind when watching Project Runway.
  4. You use “source” as a verb more often than a noun.
  5. A mood board for Michelle Obama’s future wardrobe is in your studio and ready for delivery, whether she is aware of it or not.
  6. You once asked a waiter where the “falu” section of the wine list was.
  7. Your coffee table features a copy of Vogue from every country in the United Nations. For the current month.
  8. You’re unaware that a “Lennon/McCartney composition” isn’t something you can wear.
  9. You are confident that your stitching skills can lead to medical side work to fund your line.
  10. Breathing is something you know fabrics to do as often as humans do.

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