At Nineteenth Amendment, fashion speaks. We want every garment to speak to you directly from the site until you get it in your hands, that’s why our packaging is especially important to us.

In our latest Periscope video we have our lovely model, Shelly, helping us unbox a Nineteenth Amendment garment.

In every Nineteenth Amendment box, you will find:

  • Our Manifesto.
  • Custom made branded tissue paper – referencing the pattern paper designers typically use to make the patterns for their garments.
  • A designer bio tag for each garment purchased with their social media so you can learn more about their story and follow them directly and stay up to date!
  • Sharing card so you can give the latest in independent design to your fashion friends-with-benefits.
  • And, of course, your very own designer garment made just for you with love from the Nineteenth Amendment team! Today’s garment is the beautiful Natalie + Alanna Off the Shoulder Long Sleeve Blouse Dress.

Want to experience an unboxing of your own?


Unbox Nineteenth Amendment



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