Last weekend, Beyoncé dropped her highly anticipated visual album, Lemonade. In celebration of all the great style inspiration from this insane music video, we’ve recreated the entire video with our very own Nineteenth Amendment designers.

We paired this Agnes Hamerlik dress with a hoodie and head scarf to recreate “Intuition.”


We look Lana Redman’s jumpsuit with Hot!Couture’s faux fur jacket for an “Anger” inspired look.


Anthony Manfredonia’s bodysuit was an obvious choice to recreate Serena William’s outfit in the “Apathy” video along with Kheop’s off the shoulder dress.


“Emptiness” sure looks good in this Kréyol lace bouffant dress and Jovan O’Connor velvet crop top and pants.


We outfitted this look in all Kréyol, with a peplum blazer and gingham skirt paired with rain boots Beyoncé was rocking in the “Accountability” video.


Inspired by Winnie Harlow’s look during “Resurrection,” we paired this Rosica Mrsik suit jacket and matching dress with a chunky pearl necklace and sunglasses.


We hope you love this collection of white hot looks we chose for the “Hope” video featuring Jovan O’Connor crochet Jumpsuit, Natalie Rae shirt dress, Kréyol drop waist lace dress, Justine Hwang dress and Kréyol lace bouffant dress. This was just a selection but there are so many to choose from!


For these looks we pulled from the same color palette with looks from Kheop’s Off the shoulder dress, Kréyol baby doll dress, Batch No. 8 Jumpsuit, and Jovan O’Connor off the shoulder bodysuit and wide leg jeans.


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