The temperature is dropping and that can only mean one thing – planning for the next beach vacation! Escape the wind chill and  for warm breezes on the beach. See yourself in non bulky layers with these Nineteenth Amendment garments and relax in style.

What to Wear on Your Next Beach Getaway

  1. Isy B Contessa Strapless Maxi Dress
  2. Graciela Rivas Camilla Top and Graciela Rivas Daria Skirt
  3. Plante Lab Dress
  4. Terry Jolo Zipper Dress
  5. Vegas Couture Tahiti Cover-up with Indigo Sage Kealoha Halter Top and Indigo Sage Kuki’o High waisted Bottoms
  6. Helen Castillo Off the Shoulder Top and Lace Pant
  7. Meghan Hughes Beehive Dress
  8. E L I Z A Print Jumpsuit

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