With a name like Nineteenth Amendment, it’s impossible to not have a voice when it comes to the importance of championing women and women’s rights. This year International Women’s Day carries even more meaning coming on the heels of the global Women’s March that took place across the US. As a company founded by two female entrepreneurs, we want to shed some light on women in the fashion industry, how we’re changing the status quo, and how you can be proactive in championing women in fashion.

Fashion, an industry strongly focused on women, is one that lacks in diversity both in c-level business roles and lead design roles. We wrote a bit about racial diversity in February, but, in an industry that one could argue was built on womenswear as a category, the ironic reality is that there are more male designers designing clothing for women then there are female designers designing clothing for women. Across all four major fashion weeks – NY, Paris, London, and Milan – only 40% of designers showing are female even though women make up over 80% of design school student populations. While women are working as designers and enter into the industry at a greater rate than men, they do not advance as quickly or as often. On the business side, it’s estimated that only 15% of C-level executives of major fashion brands are female even though the majority of fashion purchases are made by women.

While some women are striking during “A Day Without Women,” we call on you to voice your opinion and call for change through support. Particularly, we call on you to support women entrepreneurs and designers. With 80% of Nineteenth Amendment’s featured brands lead by female designers you can directly have an impact in supporting these female entrepreneurs. You too can  truly diversify a century old industry in a meaningful way. This International Women’s Day, find a garment that reflects your voice and purchase a design from one of our talented female designers and it will be manufactured just for you in one of our partner US based factories (the majority of whom, are also female owned!).

Women in Fashion: International Womens Day 2017

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