Adam Dalton Blake

A contemporary menswear brand highlighting the bold unique and whimsically absurd by Adam Dalton Blake.

FIFTEEN, LOVE! Collection

Fifteen, Love!

"Fifteen, Love!", is a contemporary menswear/unisex collection by Ada Dalton Blake inspired by his tennis-playing father in the late 1980's / early 90's. The clothes are for a person who loves to have fun with clothing and can be bold and humorous with how they dress. Textures such as velvet, chainstitch patches and faux fur were used to various garments create a varied and in-depth exploration of textiles and materials. The collection was born out of a collaboration with the CFDA and LIFEWTR, a water company who gives emerging designers a platform to design a print for a bottle to be manufactured worldwide. That print has appeared in this collection in the form of the printed jeans and the chainstitch sweatshirt.

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