Allergic by designer Phuong Nguyen uses mixed textiles and forms to explore the synchronicity of geometry and modern youth. The design process is developed through the relationship between textiles, forms and comfort. Each collection synchronizes classic techniques and ingenuity to express a modern attitude and futuristic objectivity, while challenging the conformative notion of femininity and sexuality. By creating poetic and functional aesthetics, we seek to empower individuals that wear our clothes through layering geometry and texture.

Horizon Collection


This Horizon line by Allergic focuses on a dress. The Albert dress features an elongated, oversized silhouette with wide short-sleeves that can be easily layered over long-sleeves. Comes in the season’s pink and red color-blocked construction, featuring sheer and flowing pleated side panels, this dress drapes effortlessly dances around the body with every movement.

Rupture Collection


Rupture collection by Allergic aims to contrast the gentle feminine features with athletic silhouette. Designed with unconventional cut-outs and see-through components, Rupture seeks to provoke unique sensuality with every movement.

Parallel of Latitude Collection

Parallel of Lattitude

This collection by Allergic bridges flexibility with structure. The mesh shoulders bring a gentle sensuality to the athletic construction of the garments. The Walter dresses make a statement while maintaining ultimate comfort.

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