Bohn Jsell Collections

Bohn Jsell Collections is a New York based lifestyle brand that celebrates the trending aesthetics of the modern day individual.

We articulate our fashion point of view through a series of collections presented seasonally.


Bohn Jsell Collections Tropolis A/W '19 is inspired by the Science-fiction German film Metropolis that presents a highly stylized futuristic city where a beautiful and cultured utopia exists above a bleak underworld. This collection draws from the 1920’s; accompanied by the influence of Art Deco, flapper culture and ‘Old Hollywood,’ “Tropolis A/W 19” delivers a high concept inspiration fused with modern day red-carpet glamour.

Graffiti Garden

Graffiti Garden

"Graffititi Garden" by Bohn Jsell Collections is a take on feminine mixed with masculine elements such as menswear stripes, suiting fabrics, and hardware details. The pieces from this collection can be worn casually or dressed up for work or a night out. We wanted to create a collection that has multiple functions in your wardrobe.

'Pergatory' Collection


"Pergatory" the collection by Bohn Jsell Collection is inspired by 80's glam rock. The garments feature details, prints, and fabrics that are reminiscent of that era in music history.

Solstice Collection


Solstice is inspired by expedition and world travel.  This season our Bohn girl is on holiday and jet sets to a place rich with vibrant colors and culture. Africa is her final destination; her wardrobe is a road map to her style as a result of the virtuous journey.

I Am Mystic Collection

I Am Mystic

This season Bohn Jsell Collections explores "escapism." We decided to view our "Bohn Girl" as a heroine or magical being of sorts.

Contemporary Matter Collection

Contemporary Matter

Contemporary Matter SS17 is inspired by the New York women on the go by Bohn Jsell Collections.

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